Glengarry Plant Farm is a family business established in 2000 and located 10 kilometres north of Traralgon.

Glengarry Plant Farm is now the largest grower of native seedlings in Gippsland providing approximately 100 species of native plants to the entire region.

The general public is welcome to purchase plants from Glengarry Plant Farm whether it is a single plant for the garden or 100 plants for a plantation.

Our Mission:

  • Preserving and enhancing Gippsland's natural resources by offering a more diverse plant selection.
  • Continue to improve the success of our products through innovative ideas.
  • To build relationships with clients by committing to a strong customer focus.
  • Improve the success of our customer's projects by continuing to expand our own expertise.
  • Maintaining a sustainable business and constantly introducing environmentally friendly outcomes.

Glengarry Plant Farm - Preserving Gippsland's Natural Resources